Trust – 2 Kings 19-22

I always wonder why good faithful kings of Judah typically had sons follow them in rule, only to “do what was bad in the eyes of god”.

This reading offers insight into how vital it is as a parent to keep picking ourselves and our families up and keep walking in a way that pleases god.  No matter how difficult it can get.  Never loose faith in God’s promises,  do not put your trust in nobles.  And train up a boy in the way of Jehovah.

Manasseh was only 12 when he began to rule.  His father Hezekiah , had him after his illness that brought him near to death when he beseeched god with wailing.  And then Jehovah heard his tears and gave him 15 more years.  It was during those last 15 years of his life that he became father to Manasseh.  It was the last 12 that Hezekiah began to become haughty and loss his trust in god verses men.  He displeases Jehovah so much so that Jehovah told him that all that Judah had would become Babylon’s.

Do you see the man that became the father to the future king of Judah.  What hope did he offer his son – all of Judah will be lost.  I will die when you are 12,  no hope,  no positive view of Jehovah’s goodness. No doubt that air of negativity greatly influenced his sons inner being.  Did he then turn to Jehovah when he became king?  No he turned to the pagan nations of the day and “he did on a large scale what was bad in Jehovah’s eyes,  to offend him.”

Lesson – Share the good things god gives you with your children.  Maintain your faith.  Help your children to see good in all life’s ups and downs.  You do not know how many lives will be entrusted into your sons hands.  Raise them to be loving,  merciful, kind and most importantly Trust in God’s promises not mans.


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