Do we have faith like Christ?

 “we do have the mind of Christ.”—1 Cor. 2:16.  “If we ever have to deal with a brother’s apparent lack of faith, can we figuratively stretch out our hand and help him to gain more faith?”  – Comments in Days Text  – WTBTS
 What a great question to ask ourselves. Jesus Held out his hand to Peter as he sank in the water due to lack of faith and he lifted him up. I wonder how many times we refrain from holding our hands out to others because of our own lack of faith? Perhaps we fear we will be pulled under too. Rather then knowing Jehovah Can lift us all up. If we ask for his help.

All of us will need to be lifted at one point in our lives is not several. Since the opposer will do everything he can to make sure we fall. Reminds me of a statement the circuit overseer said at the Circuit assembly this past month. The sin is not the falling it is the staying down. For all those I know and love that have been lifted up by Jehovah’s loving caring merciful hands.

So the lesson for me is keep holding out my hand to others. and Trust in Jehovah’s Ability to lift us all up out of the traps of this system.



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