Good News

 The daily reflections today really gave me a thought for our service to god. – We go door to door to help others to know the good news and the love of Jehovah.  For many of us we really do muster up boldness to be able to do that work. and how true the comments below are.

“We mustered up boldness . . . to speak to you the good news.” —1 Thess. 2:2. –

“How pleasant it is to hear good news! And the best news of all is the good news of God’s Kingdom. This good news assures us of an end to suffering, sickness, pain, sorrow, and death. It opens the way to everlasting life, reveals God’s purpose, and shows us how to come into a loving relationship with him. You would think that everyone would rejoice to hear this news that Jesus shared with mankind. Sadly, though, that is not the case.”

Along with the discussion we will enjoy tomorrow across the globe we are reconciling men with GOD!  What better task can we have. What better day is there then one that we open the hearts of another to the goodness of Jehovah and share the promises he has for mankind. 


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