2 Chron. 1:10 reminds us of king Solomon’s request for wisdom and knowledge.

One one the books in the Bible I treasure is Proverbs where many of his wise sayings were written down for all of us. No matter how many times I have read it, each time I gain new insight into life and handling challenges.

The real reason I value these sayings is – the real source if the wisdom is Jehovah. 1 King 10:24.

When we listen to jehovahs wisdom and walk in the way Jesus lead us, life is good, even under trial and persecution.

We serve our father and he treasures our tears! Did you know he has a bottle just for your tears!

How good is our father and great educator. I look forward to the day the earth is filled with the knowledge of Jehovah!

Todays Disclaimer: Thoughts today are a bit disconnected, sorry my mind is a maze somedays! All wisdom is from Jehovah!


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