Grandma Z

I have learned this week that my grandmother at the young age of 96, has passed away. Old age has taken its final toll on her delicate frail body and death has won for now.

Grandmothers are just “antique” little girls.
— Author Unknown

My Grandmother had a very loving, exotic heart, and mind.  She loved things foreign and French.  She had limited resources as life passed her by but the local library took her to all corners of the world and allowed her to enrich her otherwise simple life.  I remember her French twisted hair she elegantly wore for many years.

I have to be honest since we always lived very far from her I never really knew her. But I imagined many things about her as I grew up. She  often gave me a book with a note in the inside cover showing her love. I still have one of those treasures on my shelves.  She had the handwriting of a artist I always thought. 

I remember one year at the family farm a place foreign from my Chicago suburban neighborhood with everything new.  To live in an old home with warn out wooden floors and faded painted walls.  To live with the with cows, pigs and chickens. drinking milk straight from the Cow.. warm… did people really live that way?   She was proof that they did. While she assisted my great grandfather during his final days. I was only a small child but I remember helping her gather the eggs. that was  a honor and huge responsibility to carry the eggs to the house. Well as you can imagine, I tripped, and down the eggs and the basket went crashing to the ground in a lovely gooey mess.  My heart sank.  The farm still lives in my mind but it has been gone for many years.  

I wish I spent more time learning the many things that were locked away inside my grandmother’s mind and heart.  I wish she had lived closer to us so she could have been a part of our lives on  a daily  basis. (I wished that of both my grandmothers both so far away from our home.)

But as a student of the bible I know I will have time in the future when old age will no longer rob her of energy and economics will not rob us of time. I will get to know the women with the elegant smile I knew as my grandma Z. 

Till then Grandma! I will tell my children about you and your smile will forever grace our memories. When you are awoken from your rest of death I hope to be there to greet you and welcome you to the world as God has restored it. – Rev 21:3,4,  Death and sorrow will end. I am glad you will know that in god’s time.


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