Job’s Wife

We can read the story of Job in the bible book bearing his name. Written down by Moses. There is much to learn about from Job and his friends. Three of which are bad examples of how to comfort but one friend proved to be a true friend and comfort.
There is not much said about his wife and what she felt about the loses she too experienced. The challenge set in heaven by Satan was not about her faith but Jobs. Being a Mother I can’t help but ponder about the female side of this Family tragedy. But what do we learn about Jehovah and this women from her family tragedy? As a women with several children I cannot imagine the emotional reaction a woman would experience to lose all your children, most of which were grown, living in separate homes. All in one day! The money losses, are nothing. “easy come, easy go,” my brother always said about money as I was growing up. The loss the servants could have included many of her friends, these were kind and loving people who cared for people by taking them in and giving them dignity and work. The were not slave masters of cruelty.
Jehovah blessed them both for their kindness toward others.
So she too lost her friends, her “staff”, her food, and means of life all in one day, but when her children died……  And then her husband sat at death’s door with a visually painful and deliberating sickness. You know a mother’s heart is fragile,  Jehovah knows that.
She did become suicidal in a sense wanting to curse god and Die. To her Death offered the end of her pain. The end of her Husbands Pain.
The part of the story I love the best! Is simply this, she was corrected, disciplined because of her weakness of heart and the fact that she in her heart gave up, on Jehovah. But He did not let her stay in that state of Disapproval.  He lifted her Up along with Job.
When we hear how Job was given double what he lost from Jehovah. We know so was his wife! Jehovah showed her in the end some days are painful and full of lose, other days are filled with blessings. We just have to keep walking in his path and doing his will.
She not only bore ten more children, she knew her children would be 20 in the days of the resurrection. So they were not replaced. God knows you can not replace children, but he doubled them for her, too.


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