Queen Esther and Diplomacy

We are currently focusing our reading on the Book of  Esther.  There is so much to learn from this few pages of the bible,  especially for women.  There are lessons of faith, lessons on Jehovah’s Salvation for his special people, and a lesson on the way he can “be” what he needs “to be” to fulfill his purpose, the very essence of his name.

But I am going to focus on a more subtle point for us women. Whether it is in your family, marriage or a work relationship with group of men.  Diplomacy is a skill worth learning.  I have been a women in a Man’s field for many years now and the lessons that Esther can teach us are valuable. 

When we need to discuss something that is very emotional to us.  How do we lay the ground work so that the hearer in this case a strong, and  powerful male will be open to hearing us?  What words do we choose so as to be heard?

I am talking about real listening not just hearing.  The words she choose were very well thought out.   And repeated many times in her requests to the king, Her husband, Yet they showed deep respect and honor. She did not react with an highly emotional conversation, even though she grieved for many days before she approached the king for his help for her people.  She also risked her life for the sake of her family and Jehovah’s people.

“If I have found favor in your eyes, O king, and if to the king it does seem good, let there be given me my own soul at my petition and my people at my request.” – Esther 7:3

Give those words thought … there is much in them.

She no doubt had much “baggage” she lost her parents when she was young and was in captivity in Persia.  Yet she was pleasant so much that she found favor in the kinds eyes among many other women.  She did not let her personal traumas rob her of her present Joys.

And the book of Esther also Teaches another wonderful lesson.  Haman,  learned the hard way sometimes when you wish wrongs on others , that wrong comes back at you.


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