This time of year we are being reminded about the greatness of our king Jesus Christ’s love for mankind. Isa. 53:5 speaks of the weight of our (all of mankinds) transgressions yet his sacrifice is so We can now have hope.

Stop and think about that, warm up that coffee.

One perfect man that was given the opportunity to have perfect decendents that would dominate the earth due to there superior everything over imperfect man. Yet, That was not gods will.

So he gave that birth right up, his right because he was born of Jehovah, By a painful, humiliating, death.
Ok take a few more minutes to digest that
John 14:31, 15:13 says – there is no greater expression of godly love.

What do we do in our lives to express deep appreciation for that. What assignment did Jesus give his disciples in his last days with them. Are we actively pursuing his workof preaching Jehovahs kingdom good news, As he asked us to do?

This is gods will, that men might be saved and have everlasting life.

Good question! For reflection!


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