A Ransom for us all

Jesus came to “give his soul a ransom in exchange for many” Matt 20:28

He paid the penalty for sin inherited by adam’s sinfulness.

He now rules as king to all those seeking salvation. As king he will rid the earth of the wickedness. Ps speaks of it often, Isaiah, Jeremiah, Daniel … All prophets of Jehovah! Spoke of a time when the Jehovah will say enough of the cruelty and violence.

He does not give us a day or a year .. Since we need to choose to live our lives for and with him like Abraham! Not serve him for a day or event. Every day.

We only have hope because Jesus gave us that hope by his act of utter unselfishness. His example of real love.

How grateful I am to know of jehovah and Jesus and the great plans they have in the works for mankind!

Read the bible! Learn, listen, serve Jehovah with a complete heart and be happy!


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