Creation and the Creator.

Reflecting on what we see around us is really a marvel if you let you mind wrap around the vast variety that exists in our little world. Let alone the wonders that lie beyond our universe. The mind of the creator!

It reminds me of that spider it’s very small but when it feels a threat it rears up as to say “be afraid of me, for I am a spider with fangs.”  Yet you look down at it and laugh. How little it is compared to our shoe.  “I can squash you in one easy move”

Humans are no different then that spider, Mankind thinks it is so Wise, Advanced, and powerful with their little toy Guns.

Yet we are not even a bug to Jehovah’s Greatness. How does our engineering do with a tsunami?  how does the advances of man hold up in a hurricane?

His power and glory is so beyond our comprehension, Yet he stoops down and cares for us.  One day soon. He will bring about the most amazing transformation this earth has even seen.


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