“for Jehovah YOUR God is gracious and merciful, and he will not turn away the face from YOU if YOU return to him.” 2 Chron. 30:9b

I have been thinking alot about how amazing Jehovah’s mercy really is! Not only because in my own life I have seen Jehovah’s ready to forgive, supportive hand so many times, in small and enormous ways, but because he has a very long history of incredibly loving mercy!

His mercy is so far from a “normal” human view of mercy and justice. How often when we are deeply offended we shut off to the offender. Never opening our hearts or minds to a renewed relationship.

In contrast our great father offers his hand to us and like the great Shepard even carries the weak in his arms until they are healed of there injuries, even if the injuries are really self induced due to stupidity, curiosity, of the like. Even when we have wounded him, he struggies to save us from our own foolishness.

There really is no human comparison. Parents can be close, always hoping in our children’s inner goodness, even when they are challenging the very core of knowledge we gave them for success. Still no real equal to Jehovah in his “great mercifulness” and “ready to forgive” loving ways.

As you can see … I can ramble on and on, talking about this aspect of Jehovah’s greatness.

But! I ask you have stumbled here and do not know Jehovah! Or if you have walked away from him … Many years ago for some reason that made sense to you then!

Seek him, return to him! For he is good!



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