“Wait for God”

Psalms are filled with heart-felt prayers that enlighten us with the depth of Jehovah’s compassion and kindness. We often think of how grand he is due to creation but what about how he deals with the heart of man.


Ps 42:5, 11, 43:5 –  show us an inner struggle we have to stay focused and wait patiently on Jehovah to act on our behalf and the behalf of all our brothers and sisters throughout the earth.

Ps 69, is a very moving psalms to me personally. If you want to understand the inner pain of one that has found themself outside of Jehovah’s family for one reason or another.. and the pain they experience inside while they fight to be restored to favor.  Yes we reap what we sow.  But listen to how Jehovah compassionately speaks to us, reminding us of his tender care.

vs 13 ” at an acceptable time, o god. in the abundance of your loving kindness answer me with the truth of your salvation by you.” … 

vs 16 – ” answer me, o Jehovah, for your loving kindness is good. according to the multitude of your mercies turn to me.” …

vs. 18-20…

vs. 32, 33 …

vs. 35,36…  read these please fill your heart with understanding and love for our grand Father, Protector and Friend!

I am a bit disjointed this am.. sorry!


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