Real family loyalty is such a rare thing in today’s world. You can see it displayed in small doses here and there.

But every once in a while your path crosses with people who remind you, loyalty and Deep Devotion still exists on a deep level.


I think this photo represents something so beautiful and rare. One of the children said of this precious couple, they are one of “the resilient ones, They came from a different time”.  Real love and devotion lasts thru the test of time.

How sad that is, that humans have forgotten, how to just simply love with loyalty.

But I am thankful that Jehovah teaches us how to be loyal and love.  A nice article in the Nov 2011 Awake discusses this.

More articles about Successful marriage and family life can be found at http://www.watchtower.org/e/200807/article_01.htm


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