Intimacy and Integrity

“Intimacy with Jehovah is connected to integrity” – a quote from a talk given at one of the summer conventions held worldwide. (2011 theme was “Let God’s Kingdom Come!”)

I heard once that intimacy = “in to me see”. Jehovah see’s into us and we need to peer into him. How can we see into Jehovah?

By observing his qualities in creation. We learn of his care and tenderness. We also see great knowledge, wisdom, power and love. By reading his bible we learn his likes, the things he calls good and his dislikes, what he calls bad.

Integrity is moral excellence. Morality is defined by our creator. The closer our heart and minds align with our glorious father the greater our integrity becomes.

The more we open our heart to Jehovah the greater he becomes, To us!


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