Soundness of Mind and Beauty

“Women [should] adorn themselves in well-arranged dress, with modesty and soundness of mind.” —1 Tim. 2:9.

To adorn something or someone is to make it more beautiful or attractive. Notice though Paul was not saying go to the beauty shop, get all dolled up, and buy a new dress, but clothe yourself with modesty and soundness of mind.

Apparently there is a Greek work for soundness of mind that does not translate well into english since we have no singular word. The meaning of that word or English thought is an inner quality, a completeness, a sense of value perhaps. A women that has great value in the eyes of Jehovah defines herself so differently than the women of the world.

Clothing and many styles of today cheapen the value of a women making her a mere object.

Ah but to be seen by Jehovah as a beautiful women! There is no line of cosmetics, no hair style, no series of accessories, no dress that can achieve that.

Only deep love, obedience and respect for Jehovah and his organization and her own valuable assignments. Bring peace to her family, her children, her friends, and neighbors. Reflecting the very glory of Jehovah!

Now if only men, too saw with Jehovah’s vision, some do!


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