Some things are just Sad.

It is ok to feel sad over things yet it is potentially damaging to stay sad.

Tears are a release of emotions a natural process for energy flow. We should not be ashamed of our tears or our emotions. They make us human. Jesus shared his tears when his friend Lazarus died even knowing he was about to ressurect him. Tears can show the depth of our feelings about someone or something.

Why has mankind made them out to be a sign of weakness, especially for men? Why are the tears a women sheds so often perceived a “weeping woman” using her tears to manipulate others.

When perhaps they are just tears. Just tears of sadness that when released, acknowledged and given freedom make room for joy once again.

Just tears. Some things are sad.

We are living in critical times. We will only walk thru these last days with Jehovah holding our hands, guiding us through the darkness of Satan’s world. Serving Jehovah side by side thru the tears.


One thought on “Sadness

  1. Ariel says:

    Reblogged this on Ariel's Java Ponderings and commented:

    Wrote this awhile back, seemed appropriate to repost since, so many in my Family are very sad today.

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