Best way of life today!

A daily reminder

“Jesus knew that the best way of life centered on serving God and bearing witness to the truth.”

Examining the Scriptures Daily published by the Watchtower and Bible Tract Society of New York, Inc

This may not appear to be a profound truth, but a simple one. We learn this truth thru Jesus. Jesus lived a simple and beautiful life helping others, sharing the truth about his father and his will with us.

Centering our lives, means everything we do will revolve around Jehovah, his purpose and his will. The more we fine tune our lives to this simple truth the happier, content, and rich our lives become.

When we live this way we are rich towards Jehovah! How pale the riches of man are to the blessings of Jehovah!

To learn more about the truth in gods word click here!


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