Courteous – having manners worthy of a royal court.

The manners displayed in the bibles key families are worthy of notice. Notice how Abraham, Isaac, Moses, and Joseph were respectful when speaking to a the high officials of there day. Notice how respectful they were when speaking to there families.

Do we teach our children to have “royal” manners in our families. Manners are a form of respect and consideration for those around us. We must first be polite as parents, then we can teach this godly quality to our children.

The general “air” presented in media today is the opposite of this respectful speech. “Smack” talk is considered funny. Speaking to harm others is never funny. We have to fight this worldly tendency from infiltrating our homes.

Teaching our families to be courteous with each other and those outside our families will help them through out every aspect of their lives.

Let us allow Jehovah to mold us for a honorable purpose.


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