Matt 6:9 – A famous Prayer and a Crime.

Jesus Taught us to Pray to Our father, But what does it mean?

“YOU must pray, then, this way: “‘Our Father in the heavens, let your name be sanctified.” – Matt 6:9

A crime has been committed and hardly anyone knows nor do most care.

What is that crime?

The Divine name how can it be sanctified, to be made holy or Regarded with or worthy of worship or veneration; revered if most english translations removed the divine name from the Holy Scriptures.

Have you read the preface in your bible the explanation on why that translation team decided to replace the divine name and why they chose not to translate the Hebrew YHWH into the english word Jehovah?  but instead chose to use  replace a name with a title, LORD, in all capital letters and in some places GOD, again in all capital letters, depending on the Translation. 

Read that preface in your bible and ask yourself these questions. 

In Psalms 83:18 who is that Scripture talking about?  He ALONE is the most High over all the earth?   and why would the worlds religious leaders want to follow the traditions of men when they clearly know how Jesus Feels about that.

Read Mark chapter 7:1-23 and Matt Chapter 23

Pay especial attention to verse 39 of Matt 23 – which Quotes Psalms 118:26.   In Whose Name?  In the LORD ?  or YHWH – Jehovah’s Name. 

Ex. 3:14, 15 Jehovah God Give a his name clearly to the Israelite nation.

And Jesus came bearing Witness to His father’s name Jehovah. John 17:26.

Who do you know that today bears witness to the Name Jehovah as a Group? When They knock on your door in obedience to Jesus Commission to his followers in Matt 28:19,20, Give ear to the message they are teaching today.



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