Hez·e·ki′ah and Trust in Jehovah

Hezekiah proved to be a King that “kept sticking to Jehovah.”

Hezekiah was the  son of one of the worst kings in Judah, Ahaz.  Ahaz had Hezekiah when he was only 12 years old. (2 kings 18:1,2) He committed some of the most heinous of crimes against humanity and Jehovah. (2 kings 16:3,4 and 2 chronicles 28:3,4) Hezekiah had his son Manasseh 12 years before his death. His son followed the path of his grandfather Ahaz and had his children pass thru the fire. (2 kings 21:2-9, 2 chronicles 33:2-9) Manasseh repented in captivity near the end of his life. (2 chronicles 33;12,13)

Hezekiah was 25 when he Began to reign as king.  the prophet’s of Jehovah in his life time were Isaiah, Hosea, And Micah. Hezekiah proved to be a King that “kept sticking to Jehovah.”  the account with Sennacherib is outstanding in trusting Jehovah. Isaiah chapter 36, 37 and 2 kings chapters 18,19 is where the account is written for us to learn how strong Jehovah’s arm is for his people.  Also we learn how much the vindication of his name means.  How clearly Jehovah answered the Taunt of that king against Him. please read the account. 

Do we trust in the name of Jehovah? Joel 2:32 , Acts 2:16-21 and Romans  10:13.


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