The result of humility [and] the fear of Jehovah is riches and glory and life – Proverbs 22:4

Jehovah defines beauty in the very creation we surround ourselves with. True beauty is seen with the eyes of understanding but not as men see. Have you ever looked into the eyes of an old women that has given her heart and her soul to those she has loved and deep in her eyes is a beauty age will never rob her of.

Jehovah defines riches not as mere men do. The riches of God you cannot buy, nor can you sell. They can be held but you cannot keep them. They are something you are given you never really earn them. But you can lose them once you have them.

Richness is not what we live in, nor what we drive, or how incredible our surround systems are. Richness is a quality of heart and soul. It can only be given to you, by one source. You can only gain real riches by loving and being loved by Jehovah himself. By learning what his truth is, by doing his will, by obediently following his direction. Your bank account may not grow, your savings my dwindle, but riches from Jehovah are eternal!

Be rich towards god!

Better is the one of little means who is walking in his integrity than anyone crooked in [his] ways, although he is rich. – Proverbs 28:6


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