This Time of Year…

We have entered a Very Special time of year, It is the season of the Memorial of Jesus death. What does that mean to you?

For me, reflecting on what that one act of kindness and love has done for us ALL. Opening a gate way for us to communicate with Jehovah, Thur prayer in his name. Allowing us to be truly forgiven for our great multitude of failings and sins. Each of those alone is outstanding but put them together and you see a restoration of peace in the making. A world wide peace and an inner peace. All because Jesus choose to be an exchange for what adam lost for his children.

Come celebrate with Jehovah’s People April 5th – in your area. There will be a Kingdom Hall Memorial Celebration after sundown, check for local times and places. join us world wide. A Vast Sea of Jehovah’s Witnesses. My family. There will be a worldwide Campaign inviting you peronsally so please join us and learn what it Jesus can mean for you and your family.


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