April 6 Still – Nisan – 14 til sundown

Do you know what event accrued in history today that changed the course of mankind?

Jesus gave his life as a ransom for mankind.  he offered a way for total forgiveness of sins, the actual reversal of the course of actions taken by our natural first father Adam.

No more judging others, not more sin, not more, tears or sorrow and death.

These are profound truths although we have not seen there realities.  They are promises that are sealed with Christs blood. They are as good as done.  We have to educate ourselves. What is gods will is not for us not just personally but for mankind as a whole? Where are we in the stream of these promises and how can we make sure we are the benefactor for this inheritance now provided by Jesus’ Ransom?

Seek Truth and you shall find.  If you were once one of Jehovahs People “Come Home” Please.


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