A mothers love!

Life is amazing, profoundly so. We found our little momma cat in a wood pile after giving birth to her babies. Purring away!

It’s strange how animals can do there jobs without questioning and challenging there purpose.

We deeply complicate our lives by our own “wisdom”many years ago the women of the day challenged to fulfillment of a women, such a “mundane unfulfilling role just mother hood is” they said. “We can do more, we can have a family and career, we can have it all!” they said. “Bring home the bacon and fry it up in a pan and never let you forget your a man”… They said.

That little cat purring in complete contentment showed me the beauty and simplicity of Jehovah’s will for us women. Our role although lost in today’s society is a great one! And one to be very proud to be able to do well! To all the real women of the world, who look to Jehovah to bring them contentment today and in the future. Who look to fulfill there role as real godly women with great joy and satisfaction.

And how can any reasonable human look at the process of birth and motherhood and not see an amazing and loving creator is beyond my comprehension.


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