Inner Peace part 1

Inner Peace is a allusive thing to some, a mystery to others, a mountain to some, and to me, like the air I breathe.

I don’t own it, I can’t buy it, somedays I need to search for it, I can’t hold it in my hands, and I can’t sell it.

For me it is a collection of other things that allows me to feel it, deeply.

And self control

Perhaps you recognize that list as the fruit of gods holy spirit! It only comes from Jehovah! It is a collective quality.

The calm that you feel when you truly give Jehovah your anxieties and do his will. You stop “the worries,” the “what ifs,” the “I can’t’s” and just walk down the road knowing Jehovah has it! He can do whatever is needed to help me. If he wants to. And he will give me the strength to handle what ever does comes my way!

There’s more energy left for what is, when your not wasting it on what might be. There’s more peace in knowing “I can’t do it!” without him, you stop trying. It is strength in relying on Jehovah for real strength. Rather then listening to the worlds reasoning “if you don’t do it alone you didn’t really accomplish it.” that is hog wash!

There is nothing worth accomplishing without Jehovah! Absolutely nothing.


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