Loyalty to the end!

Loyalty is a concept I will admit I struggle to understand. intellectually I get it, but I haven’t seen much real loyalty in my life. A talk given at the local Kingdom Hall was very helpful to my understanding. Here are just a few points from that talk that I thought you might enjoy.

The speaker first tried to define the word loyalty but noted Jehovah’s loyalty is a quality from “with in” and is more then the dictionary defines it. It Is a force actuating the mind based on accurate knowledge and understanding that a way of life is good, being fully convinced.

Two areas he then discussed were
Loyalty to Family and to Jehovah’s organization.

Family is Jehovah’s institution which offers an umbrella of protection from this system provided by Jehovah. 1 Peter 3:7 “in like manner” for husbands, and vs 1 says “in like manner” for wives… Chapter 2 of 1 Peter shows us how Jesus was loving to his disciples and submissive to Jehovah. That is the “manner” we need in families. Jesus did what he had to do regardless of the behavior of the others. That is loyalty defined by action. We have to love Jehovah more then he / she will ever love us. Our behavior in a family is dependent on our love for Jehovah not what others do or don’t do in our family. Jehovah will bless us even thru difficulties.

Loyalty to Jehovah’s organization, when building our sense of loyalty to Jehovah’s organization remember there is no small job in Jehovah’s spiritual family. We need to be regularly supporting and helping in all kinds of ways. Loyalty in this case is again obedience with knowledge, we need to understand why we need to be obedient and support the elders decisions. John 6 says we need to take time to comprehend Jehovah’s ways. Rom 8:35, and then vs 38,39 are we absolutely convinced nothing can take us away from Jehovah!

He closed with “Loyalty to the end!”

I hope this was helpful to you too!


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