Women’s Spirituality part 1 – the Widow of Zarephath.

Being a women, lately I have been taking greater note the women that are spoken of in the bible and gleaning what Jehovah values about these women. So I can become a better women for my father, Jehovah, to please him well.

First we have an account that has always intrigued me! The Widow of Zarephath. In 1 kings chapter 17 we meet her briefly! But what she does is worth much thought.

Here she is a non Israelite women, asked by a stranger, a prophet of god, Elijah, to give the last of her food to him, with the promise that god will provide for her and her son.

A single mother that lost her husband in the middle of a famine, in a time when widows and orphans were generally taken advantage of and out right abused by others. Is asked to give her last meal to a total stranger on a only a promise!

Think about that for a minute! Many of us give out of our surplus! She gave out of great need! She could have been mad at her life and god for her current position and grief! But she choose to trust this prophet of god! She choose to trust Jehovah!

With a blessing she received, in the time of horrible famine, a flour jar and oil jar that would never run empty! But the best blessing she received was, everyday she woke up knowing last night the jar was empty! And today there is enough for her, her son and perhaps to share with others in need! We don’t really know, but we do know Jehovah proved to her everyday during that famine. Her faith was not in vain and her Heavenly Father loved her and cared for her. There is no greater knowledge.

She did not gain riches or glory, but her blessings from Jehovah are far more profoundly beautiful.

She shows us a unselfish, faithful course of life is highly esteemed by Jehovah! Even if all we have to offer is a “small round cake”.

For more examples of faithful womenread this article.


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