Hope? What we hope for some days can be a rainbow in a storm, other days it stands in our way of enjoying the very moments we live in.

How can hope be an asset to us and not a stumbling block?

Hoping for good to embrace our lives requires other skills such as patience, a godly sense of timing, endurance and vision.

Patience allows us to be ok in the moment, to say in our sad hearts today is not the day but that is ok, today. We can live in a day tight compartment and embrace what today offers, and not be crippled by what is missing today.

A godly sense of timing allows us to see our lives in a new way, it is not a sad 70-80 years and then it all ends. We don’t need to get all we can today because god promises endless tomorrows. If we do our part today.

Endurance some days we stay on track enduring the pains of today. And some days are just painful in body, soul and/or in mind. Endurance understands that life gives us good times and hard times so when it is low we understand that life will not stay there tomorrow a window might open, letting new light in.

Vision allows us to see beyond today. Looking for new ways to grow and expand and enrich the world around us. The people our lives touch become a new adventure. We will not always be understood, or cared for but we can always try to understand and care for others. Today it might not bring us joy but vision sees that tomorrow our lives will be surrounded by what ever good our grand creator wishes to bless us with.


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