Gifts for Jehovah

Ps. 96:8b says “Carry a gift and come into his courtyards.”

I first read that I stopped and thought to myself, what can we give to Jehovah, even the sacrifices of old Jehovah does not need.

But then I was thinking about the courtyards of Jehovah today, our Kingdom Halls. And how we can bring

Gifts of Research,
Gifts of Encouragement,
Gift of oObedience and Submission,
Gifts of Resources for building and printing,
Gifts of Men, as women can we support our men to be real assets within our Congregations.
Gifts of friendship to the lowly, and afflicted.
Gifts by fulfilling our assignments in the meetings, cleaning, hospitality, etc.

We have much to offer each other. and when we do, in Jehovah’s courtyards, we are bringing Jehovah gifts.

Do all things for gods glory!


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