Women’s Spirituality Part 2 Lemuel’s Mother.

I just finished reading Proverbs in my personal bible reading. Chapter 31 reminded me again of the women in the bible, and what we can learn from them. So here’s part 2.

The Mother of Lemuel

We don’t know who Lemuel was exactly, some have speculated it might have been another name for Solomon. (See footnote in large reference bible, NWT and si book) if so the words of wisdom captured here could have been Bathsheba’s.

Why did the writer of Proverbs decide to included the source of this proverb? A mothers words to her son, for she desired Her son to find a Real wife and be a Real man for her. (Using the thoughts in the article about What is a real man? since the principle applies to women too)

If this was Bathsheba talking to her son Solomon, she definitely would want her son to be spared the pains her husband had by some of his bad choices in mates. Perhaps she spoke to Abigail about her life with Nabal, We don’t know at what point this was written so we don’t know if she was trying to correct him from his bad choices in spouses or just trying to get him to make good ones to start off. And perhaps it was written by another mother, but there is much to us women can glean either way.

So what can we learn as women today,

Spiritual women need to be hardworking, industrious, frugal, thankful, caring and kind in words and deeds. Spiritual women are tired but happy for they know at the end of the day Jehovah values them. Spiritual women are priceless to Jehovah no matter what there marital state is.

If we are married, we must focus on our part, of the union and be diligent in doing the work of a wife. Society has warped this today, but what matters is that as a united couple you both understand your roles, and work together to bring honor to Jehovah.

Also if we are single and would like a mate, Jehovah tells us what we need to wait for, a Spiritual Man! Proverbs tells use where they will be found. Not at single gatherings, but in the trenches of Jehovah’s work, they will make a good name for themselves for Jehovah!

Nonetheless, we want to strive hard to be real spiritual women, married or single and wait on Jehovah in all things. – Micah 7:7

“For he is … the rewarder of those earnestly seeking him.” – Heb. 11:6

For more information read this article, A Mothers Wise Counsel. it contain much more insight into this proverb from our father Jehovah!


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