The Truth, Is it in you?

We were invited to a special talk this weekend  in a neighboring congregation. what a privilege that was to hear a speaker from Patterson , NY Bethel.

According to the example Jesus Christ set for us, we need to pursue the course of truth in our lives.

Know the truth

Knowing the truth brings responsibility. Many see truth as relative but Jehovah shows us that God is truth. So truth can be found in his word the bible. We have to take a stand and make a choice in our lives for truth.

2 Peter 1;5-8 Helps us to see what that means for us.

Earnest effort, Faith, Virtue, Knowledge, Self-control, Endurance, Godly Devotion, Brotherly Affection, Love

The brother dissected these verses to help bring these truths to life with in us.

Earnest effort is something we must continue to exert we don’t gain the truth within us and then it is ours, he illustrated this with a balloon with a hole in it as soon as you stop supplying air to the balloon what happens? We can never stop our efforts towards truth.  we need to maintain that effort. The air is the routine of the truth. Bible reading, prayer, service, Meetings etc.

Virtue For our actions to be morally right starts in our minds, establishing a relationship with Jehovah and accurate knowledge of what he defines as right.

Self Control We need to get a grip of ourselves. We must learn to control our emotions. This requires a great effort.

Endurance James 1;2 “we meet” various trials like unannounced visitors, they just happen and we need to endure.

We can endure when we supply to the endurance

Godly Devotion We do things for Jehovah that we could not do for anyone else because we love Jehovah.

Brotherly affection do we really care for  our spiritual family.Teh more we learn about our families strengths  raises our appreciation and empathy for them. Empathy is a highly valued quality it helps us look for practical ways to help others.

and then we add Love the greatest way we can show love today is helping others know Jehovah so the truth can grow in them. We need to adapt quickly to the direction of the brothers especially as the day draws near.

He closed with some powerful points specifically for the young ones.

Based on these two scriptures.

Romans 12:2 Prove to yourself what the bible says is true. How can you develop a relationship with Jehovah.

Prov. 23:33 “Buy truth and do not sell it.” this means the truth will cost you something once you have it DO not sell it. Satan wants to know what is your price. He thinks we all have one.  What would you sell this truth about Jehovah, Jesus and the real future for, entertainment, a career, money etc.

That was a powerful point to me.


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