Women’s spirituality part 3 – Ruth

A sister made an interesting comment at the meeting as we were discussing Ruth, her loyal love and trustworthiness.

Ruth’s loyalty to her husband (Naomi’s son) extended to his mother and to their god, Jehovah! We need to learn that depth of loyalty as women. that loyalty to our families, our congregations, to our sisters and especially to our god and father Jehovah.

After the meeting I talked to this very loyal sister and we discussed how loyalty and trustworthiness, (making out yes mean yes and our no no,) are inter -connected.

Ruth is a profound example of truly trusting in Jehovah. She had no guarantee it would go well with her, she was a foreign women, how would she be received by these people of her mother in laws? What did her husband and his brother teach her about Jehovah? Or did Naomi teach Ruth of Jehovah and his greatness? We really know little about how she came to trust Jehovah. Her actions prove her trust.

What is recorded in the bibles book of Ruth Is an example for us christian women today.

This world is full of betrayal and lack of godly love, but what will we display? What will we choose to teach our daughters?

May we be like Ruth and develop deep love, loyalty, trustworthiness and trust in Jehovah, as we strive to walk with Jehovah.



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