Being molded by Jehovah.

Jeremiah shows us the value of allowing Jehovah and his words to mold our hearts and spirit. Jehovahs gently molding should affect our actions, thoughts, and even our desires in every aspect of our daily lives. Jer. 18:1-4

The bible study on Jeremiah this weeks makes an outstanding point. To improve our spiritual heart condition we need to do 3 vital things;

1. Serious personal bible study. Only we can take in his words into our minds and hope they reach deep into our hearts by meditating on the value of what he says to us.

2. Seek insight into how Jehovah works in our own personal life. Take notice of all the things he does for us each day. Some are big, loud and cant be ignored because we needed a wake up call. But most days Jehovah is like a gentle breeze of love surrounding us with pleasant experiences we can enjoy.

3. Application of what we have learned about him. Thus the being molded. If I only read about fitness and never exercise or eat healthy I cannot expect to see healthy results.

To be spiritual healthy it is the same we need to be trained, guided, coached to be useable for Jehovah’s team. We need to be willing to change and grow.

May Jehovah examine our hearts and find us earnest in our efforts to be molded by him for an honorable purpose.



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