The Kings of Judah

I have recently been reading the books of the Kings, and Chronicles in the bible and I have to tell you. There are so many lessons on those small pages for us.

When a king followed the laws they prospered and were blessed, the entire nation was. When they displayed arrogant, selfish, and disobedience. They suffered.

It is no different today! Even though we are not kings nor do we have the “law” of Moses, the principles within that law and the teaching Jesus clarified for us today. Are easy to live by. When you clearly see the blessings of doing so.

I encourage everyone to take the time to read these books and learn what you can about the god behind the nation of Israel during the rule of these kings. They ultimately lost gods favor because of violent disregard for Jehovah’s laws. Are we aware of what Jehovah asks of us today? And are we walking like Abraham with Jehovah.


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