Servications – serving where there is a need even if only for a short trip.

I have recently been on a trip that has changed who I am on the inside. It is hard to explain but I have been on great vacations, nice trips to the mountains, Caribbean cruises and beaches, but a trip to play compared to a trip to serve. They do not compare!

I was only there for two weeks and meet brothers and sister that will forever be a part of my life. Some I may not see again. But I tell you, their zeal for service and love for people needing to hear the truth in gods words, there trust in Jehovah’s loving care for them as they serve full time spend there resources to advance kingdom interests – inspiring is not a good enough word.

I now have direction, a purpose beyond myself. That is greater then me but that connects me to a richness in Jehovah’s organization I have never seen nor ever known was there.

Take your family and serve in a foreign county even if only for a few weeks over the summer make this your goal. Go where there is a need in Jehovah’s organization, don’t stay stuck because you are comfortable. Reach to Jehovah extend yourself to his work and the flood gates will open in ways you can’t even imagine. Happiness now you can’t even begin to comprehend until you try!

I will be taking my daughter this summer to Quito to help in the Haitian Kreyol field there. And I hope it changes her life too! For the better!

Go to request a bible study and learn how to live a life that is beautiful and happy.


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