Hope can mean trust, reliance; desire accompanied with expectation of what is desired or belief that it is attainable; one on whom hopes are centered; a source of hopeful expectation, or promise; something that is hoped for, or an object of hope. The Hebrew root verb qa·wahʹ, from which come terms rendered “hope,” basically means “wait for” with eager expectation. (Ge 49:18) In the Christian Greek Scriptures, the sense of the Greek term el·pisʹ (hope) is “expectation of good.”

No Real Hope Without God. 

– Insight on the Scriptures found online at jw.org in many languages. 

“No real hope without (Jehovah) God.”… Ponder that thought for a moment. 

Do we trust in our bank account, our homes, our families, … is our Hope in those things too. Or do we honestly Hope in the solutions that God has promised mankind thru the pages of the bible. And God’s worldwide organization today. 

Jehovah brought the nation of Isreal out of bondage to slavery thru his organization and he used Moses, a very humble man, to lead them thru the wilderness… To the land he had promised. 

Jehovah has brought us out of slavery to sin and death thru his son’s sacrifice and will repair the earth and the hearts and minds of men thru his government with his Son ruling as king, today! 

Our Hope is founded on reality. Faith in his Promises is Hope! 

Read and study Gods words! They contain the key to HOPE, life and true happiness! 


Loyalty / Jehovah defines

It has been a long time since I have written in here! But I have learned something I feel is worthy of putting down in writing!

Loyalty to people – sticking to someone with love, patience, hope and determination to stay by the side of that one. This loyalty tells others we want them to fell safe with us knowing we truly have there best interests at heart. And this loyalty is displayed by action not mere words.

Jehovah has displayed a deep loyalty to all his loyal servants. For thousands of years, there are hundreds of personal and eyewitness accounts written in the bible that clearly show us his extensive his loyalty is towards his people.

Loyalty created in the union of friends, mates, family is a deep feeling of safety and security. When loyalty is broken safety is gone.

Loyalty is given when loyalty is returned or offered. Many of us grow up with distorted views of loyalty. Being loyal to someone who is not loyal produces pain and fear. Far from Jehovah’s view of loyalty. Jehovah’s described as having loyal love. So godly love and loyalty are closely related.

Loyalty to Jehovah requires much effort we must continue to learn about him, to adjust to his views of right and wrong, to love what he loves and hate what he hates. This loyalty requires exclusive devotion to Jehovah.

May we be loyal to our father Jehovah, his organization and all those choosing to be loyal to him.


Godly Women Part 5 – Abigail

Abigail is one of the women in the bible that has personally taught me much thru the years.

Her story is one we can read about in 1 Samuel chapter 25. David and his men had protected Nabals fields for a long time and when thier provisions grew thin David sent some of his men to ask Nabal for help.

How will he respond? The name Nabal means Senseless, stupid, let’s just add there is nothing nice said about him in the bible. When asked to help reacted in a violent and cruel manner insulting David. When David hears of this his emotions run high and he plans on taking 400 men and wiping out Nabal and his all he owns.

Now we have Abigail who is married to Nabal, how will she react when she hears that the actions of her husband have threatened her whole household. Does she go to him in a panic and beg him to change, does she react with equal anger and call him a fool? Does she bring out the scriptures to show him he is wrong? What does she do?

She takes provisions to David, the anointed of Jehovah, and trys to apease him and make peace with him to protect and save her family and all the workers that are with them and their families. In the heat of all that emotion and fear She does what is peaceable. Despite knowing it might cause her great ramifications with her spouse. The bible shows us she had great respect for Jehovahs Headship arrangement by recognizing David place as future king of Israel.

I think for me the amazing part is what she does after she makes peace with David. So she saved her family from davids wrath, what does she go home and do? Declare her superior understanding of Human relationships and his ignorance and cruelty?

She goes home and trys to make peace with her husband by telling him the truth of what she has done. He was drunk when she first went to approach him and her discernment told her to wait for him to be sober to have this conversation. So she waited quietly. Until the next day she gently spoke respectfully to him and let Jehovah handle the rest. Which in this case he quickly did.

How many times in our lives when emotions are high do we need to use discernment and thinking ability before we speak. Also being wise in when we choose to talk about certain issues. choosing a time when the person will be more likely to really hear. Not demanding to talk now. I deeply admire how she did not act disrespectful to him despite the fact that he behaved very badly so badly Jehovah as the account goes on gave Nabal a paralysis and died 10 days later.

Ultimately Jehovah gave Abigail Peace from that abusive man.

There is much more to learn from Abigail please Read on.


The Truth, Is it in you?

We were invited to a special talk this weekend  in a neighboring congregation. what a privilege that was to hear a speaker from Patterson , NY Bethel.

According to the example Jesus Christ set for us, we need to pursue the course of truth in our lives.

Know the truth

Knowing the truth brings responsibility. Many see truth as relative but Jehovah shows us that God is truth. So truth can be found in his word the bible. We have to take a stand and make a choice in our lives for truth.

2 Peter 1;5-8 Helps us to see what that means for us.

Earnest effort, Faith, Virtue, Knowledge, Self-control, Endurance, Godly Devotion, Brotherly Affection, Love

The brother dissected these verses to help bring these truths to life with in us.

Earnest effort is something we must continue to exert we don’t gain the truth within us and then it is ours, he illustrated this with a balloon with a hole in it as soon as you stop supplying air to the balloon what happens? We can never stop our efforts towards truth.  we need to maintain that effort. The air is the routine of the truth. Bible reading, prayer, service, Meetings etc.

Virtue For our actions to be morally right starts in our minds, establishing a relationship with Jehovah and accurate knowledge of what he defines as right.

Self Control We need to get a grip of ourselves. We must learn to control our emotions. This requires a great effort.

Endurance James 1;2 “we meet” various trials like unannounced visitors, they just happen and we need to endure.

We can endure when we supply to the endurance

Godly Devotion We do things for Jehovah that we could not do for anyone else because we love Jehovah.

Brotherly affection do we really care for  our spiritual family.Teh more we learn about our families strengths  raises our appreciation and empathy for them. Empathy is a highly valued quality it helps us look for practical ways to help others.

and then we add Love the greatest way we can show love today is helping others know Jehovah so the truth can grow in them. We need to adapt quickly to the direction of the brothers especially as the day draws near.

He closed with some powerful points specifically for the young ones.

Based on these two scriptures.

Romans 12:2 Prove to yourself what the bible says is true. How can you develop a relationship with Jehovah.

Prov. 23:33 “Buy truth and do not sell it.” this means the truth will cost you something once you have it DO not sell it. Satan wants to know what is your price. He thinks we all have one.  What would you sell this truth about Jehovah, Jesus and the real future for, entertainment, a career, money etc.

That was a powerful point to me.

Women’s Spirituality Part 2 Lemuel’s Mother.

I just finished reading Proverbs in my personal bible reading. Chapter 31 reminded me again of the women in the bible, and what we can learn from them. So here’s part 2.

The Mother of Lemuel

We don’t know who Lemuel was exactly, some have speculated it might have been another name for Solomon. (See footnote in large reference bible, NWT and si book) if so the words of wisdom captured here could have been Bathsheba’s.

Why did the writer of Proverbs decide to included the source of this proverb? A mothers words to her son, for she desired Her son to find a Real wife and be a Real man for her. (Using the thoughts in the article about What is a real man? since the principle applies to women too)

If this was Bathsheba talking to her son Solomon, she definitely would want her son to be spared the pains her husband had by some of his bad choices in mates. Perhaps she spoke to Abigail about her life with Nabal, We don’t know at what point this was written so we don’t know if she was trying to correct him from his bad choices in spouses or just trying to get him to make good ones to start off. And perhaps it was written by another mother, but there is much to us women can glean either way.

So what can we learn as women today,

Spiritual women need to be hardworking, industrious, frugal, thankful, caring and kind in words and deeds. Spiritual women are tired but happy for they know at the end of the day Jehovah values them. Spiritual women are priceless to Jehovah no matter what there marital state is.

If we are married, we must focus on our part, of the union and be diligent in doing the work of a wife. Society has warped this today, but what matters is that as a united couple you both understand your roles, and work together to bring honor to Jehovah.

Also if we are single and would like a mate, Jehovah tells us what we need to wait for, a Spiritual Man! Proverbs tells use where they will be found. Not at single gatherings, but in the trenches of Jehovah’s work, they will make a good name for themselves for Jehovah!

Nonetheless, we want to strive hard to be real spiritual women, married or single and wait on Jehovah in all things. – Micah 7:7

“For he is … the rewarder of those earnestly seeking him.” – Heb. 11:6

For more information read this article, A Mothers Wise Counsel. it contain much more insight into this proverb from our father Jehovah!


Hope? What we hope for some days can be a rainbow in a storm, other days it stands in our way of enjoying the very moments we live in.

How can hope be an asset to us and not a stumbling block?

Hoping for good to embrace our lives requires other skills such as patience, a godly sense of timing, endurance and vision.

Patience allows us to be ok in the moment, to say in our sad hearts today is not the day but that is ok, today. We can live in a day tight compartment and embrace what today offers, and not be crippled by what is missing today.

A godly sense of timing allows us to see our lives in a new way, it is not a sad 70-80 years and then it all ends. We don’t need to get all we can today because god promises endless tomorrows. If we do our part today.

Endurance some days we stay on track enduring the pains of today. And some days are just painful in body, soul and/or in mind. Endurance understands that life gives us good times and hard times so when it is low we understand that life will not stay there tomorrow a window might open, letting new light in.

Vision allows us to see beyond today. Looking for new ways to grow and expand and enrich the world around us. The people our lives touch become a new adventure. We will not always be understood, or cared for but we can always try to understand and care for others. Today it might not bring us joy but vision sees that tomorrow our lives will be surrounded by what ever good our grand creator wishes to bless us with.

Trust – how difficult is it for you!

Take Charles Blondin, would you trust him?

If he asked you to climb on his back as He walked a tightrope over Niagara falls would you? But He has taken another man over successfully.

Perhaps riding in his wheel barrel would be a better safer ride? Would you try that? But he succeeded in that too!

Here’s what is said about him today.

Blondin went to the United States in 1855. He was engaged by William Niblo to perform with the Ravel troupe in New York City and was subsequently part proprietor of a circus. He especially owed his celebrity and fortune to his idea of crossing the Niagara Gorge (located on the American-Canadian border) on a tightrope, 1,100 ft (340 m) long, 3.25 in (8.3 cm) in diameter and 160 ft (49 m) above the water, near the location of the current Rainbow Bridge. This he did on 30 June 1859, and a number of times thereafter, always with different theatrical variations: blindfolded, in a sack, trundling a wheelbarrow, on stilts, carrying a man (his manager, Harry Colcord) on his back, sitting down midway while he cooked and ate an omelet and standing on a chair with only one chair leg on the rope.- Wikipedia sourse


Now Jehovah says “trust me!”

“I carried the Israelites thru the Red Sea!

I resurrected my son and many others from death.

I have left you a book containing accounts upon account of what I can do for you, I have recorded for you thousands of years of successful accounts, if you trust me to be your father and listen to my voice.

If you listen, learn, apply and obey the principles I have given you to be happy, you will be.”

Jehovah says “Get in my wheel barrel, you might feel the mist of the storms around you, it might get bumpy, you might have moments of fear, but you will make it to the other side. You will be happy! You are in my wheel barrel and dont be afraid, I am in control of the Falls, the winds and the rope.”

Matt 6:33,34!

Get in the wheel barrel! Enjoy the ride!